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The Heart of Illinois United Way Skills Link network helps match nonprofits with professionals who want to share their specific skills and expertise. Volunteers have the skills, nonprofits need the talent, and we offer an easy way to connect.

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Why Support
Skills-Based Volunteering?

Volunteers are always looking for meaningful opportunities to share their time and special talents. Skills-based volunteering enables nonprofits to leverage specific skillsets to support their work and it engages individual volunteers in the opportunity to create lasting community-wide change.

“Skills-based volunteering is the fastest growing form of corporate giving, with nearly 50% of companies reporting having a skills-based volunteer program in place.” – Common Impact

How Skills Link Works:

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Volunteers create a profile sharing their skills, availability, and experience to help nonprofits discover new talent.

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Nonprofits search volunteer profiles to find the talent they need and share skills-based volunteer needs in their nonprofit profile.

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Members (volunteers and nonprofits) connect to message each other and learn more about community-wide needs.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Skills Link?


  • quick and easy process to join
  • share your skills, special interests, and hobbies
  • offer to be a guest speaker for nonprofit programs and events
  • connect with nonprofits for a meaningful volunteer experience


  • easily expand your volunteer network
  • search for volunteers with the specific skills you need or seek speakers to enhance your programs or events
  • post skills-based volunteer opportunities for one-time projects or committee and board members

Volunteer Highlights:

Request a Skills Presentation for Your Team:

The Heart of Illinois United Way offers a 30-minute presentation about our Skills Link network. It’s a great way to introduce employees at companies or nonprofits, members of service clubs, and participants in employee resource groups to skills-based volunteering along with a quick tour of our networking site.